Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New habits

They say people are what they repeatedly do! (I don't remember whose quote is that)...but I like it because it makes sense how what you do actually shapes "you" as an individual and the things you do regularly do change you and define your life goals, and help you get what you want (or the other way around for that matter!)....
Anyways, I have a mini list of things I must do on daily basis which are important to my short-term and long-term goals and help me be productive....
Here we go:

1. Exercise! okay maybe you weren't expecting me say that because that's so obvious! but hey it's always mostly said than done on a daily basis. I want to focus on muscle-building (not bulky looking!) but some strong ones and also toning my body, losing fat. well, easier put, I want to have a professional dancer's body (!!!). That's a long-term goal but I will get there!

2. Read the Book. I need, that is, my soul needs to read the Quran everyday (for me that fills me, helps me remember my purpose and live in line with it (humans are forgetful so we often need to be reminded of our purpose, specially if it has a lot of implications). I feel relaxed, motivated, at peace, and hopeful when I read and the Quran and deeply think about each verse's meaning...So it must be done on a daily basis!

3. Floss! hahaha, yes, my gums need it everyday!

4. Write. I love to plan things on paper, and also reflect on my feelings, emotions, on life events, and anything and everything by writing. I have a few diaries, a few blogs, and other places I write. It is so so so important for me to keep doing that so I have a hold of where I am emotionally. It helps me be in control. (like what I am doing right now! :D). I must update my blogs regularly too!

5. Research!This last item on my list is a bit different but equally important for my career. I am currently working on a few journal articles, some independently, some collaborating with others. I need to progress and get things done everyday. (I love doing research). oh I forgot, I'm planning on writing a book too with a few other people (details coming soon if it is finalized!)

Alright as time passes, I may update my list, but for now I have a lot to do today it seems! See ya!

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